Rebound & Rejuvenate

Spicing Up Your Exercise Routine

For people who work out, it can be really hard to find out that the exercise you are doing is not burning as many calories as you’d like. Running for an hour only burns 200 calories for the average Joe, and walking takes even more commitment. On top of that, running can be boring and can also really do a number on your knees and other joints. With exercise being so high-priority for many people today, new and more innovative exercises are coming into the mainstream. Among these is the rebound trampoline — which could be the next exciting workout revolution.

Why Rebound Trampolines?

Many people think of the giant, backyard -based bouncers when they think of trampolines. Rebounder fitness uses a smaller trampoline, and can be done in the convenience of your own home. Rebound trampolines come in a number of different colors, and with an optional balance bar for more serious workout routines. With their small size and their relative lightness, they are also ideal for taking to clubs or friends houses — making them the perfect social workout.  Dorm rooms and Apartments are also no stranger to this exercise, with its portability and easy storage. Rebounders also enjoy the benefits of a calorie-burning workout in a shorter period of time. Just half an hour on a rebound trampoline burns up to 160 calories. These exercises are also low-impact, meaning that they are easier on your body than most traditional exercises.

Trying Out Rebound Fitness

It might be easy to brush off this exercise as being boring, but it is a highly dynamic way to exercise. It is not all about bouncing up and down, although that is certainly part of it. Select exercises work different parts of the body. For instance, an easy beginner’s rebound fitness routine is as follows:

  1. remove your shoes and step onto the trampoline.
  2. stretch your arms to avoid any muscle tension during your routine.
  3. lift your left leg as would to take a step, then place it back on the trampoline.
  4. do the same with your right leg.
  5. do this at your comfort level, starting slow and then gradually getting faster. this should go from a slow walking in place to almost a skip-like movement.
  6. do for 10 minutes, or until you want to switch up routine.

    This exercise should work your calves.

Rebounding is a fitness routine, and as with all fitness routines it is best to run it by your doctor prior to doing it. Although it is low-impact (and incredibly fun!) it is not for everyone.  If you have any questions about it, please contact us at your convenience.