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Salutations all!

This is Heidi Ward reaching out to you from ever cool Seattle, Washington (Pike Street Market, Space Needle, Birthplace of Starbucks.) If you’re new to my site then WELCOME! Here you will find the most up to date info on all things rebounders aka mini trampolines, tips, hacks and fitness tricks using them. I am a total fan of the rebounding movement, as it is a fun, non-joint taxing way to rev up your heart, get fit, and you can do it most anywhere!

If you have some news, questions, or comments you want to share, please feel free to contact me here online at If you want to write a cool, old school note hit me up at 628 34th Avenue. #6 Seattle, WA 98122.

I’m just getting this started and am open to all kinds of contributions be it content, feedback, or just a hello. We are all here in cyberspace together so let’s make a difference one way or another!