Dr. Axe: Food is Medicine writes a variety of health and fitness articles, including those about trampoline and rebounding workouts.

GAIAM discusses trampoline fitness in general and how to trampoline responsibly. offers 10-minute trampoline workouts, complete with a video.

LIVESTRONG features workout suggestions specifically for mini-trampolines.

Men’s Fitness discusses why trampoline workouts are great for men, as well as women and children.

The New York Times has articles about rebounding and the risks and benefits inherent to it.

SHAPE is a popular fitness magazine and website that features articles and videos with trampoline cardio routines.

The Telegraph has a substantial lifestyle section, complete with articles on wellbeing, fitness, and even how to bounce your body to fitness.

TIME Magazine highlights urban rebounding workouts.

WebMD is a renowned health and fitness directory and includes great tips for trampoline workouts.

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