The Versatility of Trampolines

May 18, 2017

More than a Toy 

Most of us had that one friend, you know exactly which one I mean: the one with the sweet skateboard, the newest gaming consoles, the swimming pool and the trampoline. We weren’t sure whether to alienate that guy because of our overwhelming levels of envy, or make him our closest, dearest friend. Seemed like those were the only two options, so we usually went with befriending him as quickly as possible. Sure we played on those things as kids and had a blast jumping around and trying new trampoline tricks, and, over time, we came to associate trampolines with children and childhood. But while trampolines (when used responsibly) are toys of the epic variety, they are indeed more than toys.

Trampoline Athletics

Trampoline athletes are in a league of their own. As a part of the gymnastics world, trampoline athletes train long, grueling hours in order to compete on local, state, and national levels. Top competitors aim high, positioning themselves for the Olympic trials so that they can take part in the ancient tradition of competitive sports in what is arguably the most important arena of all.

Trampoline Fitness

The exercise benefits of trampolines are well-known, even when it’s just the accidental exercise experienced by kids at play. But there are others, such as health and fitness experts, who have designed entire trampoline exercise routines. Mini-trampolines, or rebounders, like bazoongi trampolines, are especially popular among fitness crowds. Employed in group workout classes or on an individual basis, trampolines offer significant health and fitness benefits.

Trampoline Parks & Parties

 Have you ever heard of trampoline parks? How about trampoline parties? Trampoline parks are massive facilities that specialize in public-use trampolines. Indoor trampoline parks are most common and on the rise. Once inside the trampoline sanctum, your inner child or inner athlete (or both!) will be delighted at the site that welcomes you: wall-to-wall trampoline goodness. Trampoline parks are great venues to host trampoline parties. If you want to be mom of the year, try hosting your kid’s next birthday party at a trampoline park. You’re sure to score serious brownie points for a move like that!

Trampoline Safety

No matter how you choose to use your trampoline, please be sure to always employ proper trampoline safety and etiquette. Use the proper equipment, such as pads over the springs and the ever-important trampoline net to prevent falls and injuries from falls.

If you have any trampoline tips or tricks that you’d like to share, email us. We love hearing from other trampoline fans!